Service Time 10:30 AM on Sundays.

As a follower of Christ there are some very noticeable characteristics that set us apart from the general public. Can you think of a few?  How are they demonstrated in your everyday life?

This coming Sunday, we will be looking at one of these foundational traits that others can readily observe, love.  We are going to look behind the scenes to try to understand where this comes from and how we attain it.

To help us understand this in a deeper way we will be studying the text of 1 Peter 1:22-25.  Please take some time read this over before coming to church this week.

As always, remember to pray and care for each other.  Make a call or invite someone for coffee to encourage them.

Come expecting a warm welcome and a wonderful time.

Every Other Wednesday, 7 PM — War Room

Have you ever felt crushed, felt like you are sitting alone in darkness. Come study Psalm 143 with us to find out what King David did when he felt this way. And then pray with us, using this Psalm as our guide. We hope you can join us November 29 for the next War Room.

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