Candlewood Prays

To help Candlewood focus our prayers and fulfill our responsibility to pray beyond our borders, we are providing these requests. Please join us in praying.

Friday 3/1/2024

Pray for the Senate and House of Representatives of the US as they grapple with serious issues—the war in Ukraine, the war in Gaza, the great increase in illegal immigration that seems to be encouraged—in the midst of a polarized nation entering the election season. We know that God is in control and His will is sovereign. But the way the US is stepping away, even running away, from shared Chrisitan ethical standards leads to a country that is distrustful, inhumane, more autocratic, and increasingly violent. Pray for the US and its leaders. Pray also that Christians will be energized to live lives that are so marked by the mind of Christ that they stand out in our culture, that they will endure even persecution, all in order to show the hope that they have in Christ.

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