Your Most Powerful Tool

March 19, 2023
When we witness, scripture is the most powerful tool we have. Our amazing story won't convince anyone, but God can do wonderful things with His own words.

“He Leadeth Me!”

February 19, 2023
As we delve into Acts 16:1-15, we see how God led Paul and the others in his group to bring the Gospel to Europe. We note some of God's methods…

The First Church Council

February 5, 2023
Peter, Paul, and Barnabas present facts that make it clear to the first church council that salvation is by grace alone — for both Jews and gentiles. We also learn…

Thru Many Tribulations

January 23, 2023
The first part of the lesson audio was cut off. Our lesson began with the question: "Which type of person is easier to witness to — a churched person or…

You Are Light!

January 8, 2023
This week at Candlewood's Gathering we discussed Acts 13:42-52. In this passage we see two different responses to the Gospel message. They are the same responses people have today when…

More than a baby!

December 11, 2022
"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given ..." Isaiah 9:6 At this time of year, the Lord Jesus is portrayed as a cute baby…