So Close and Yet So Far

October 1, 2023
In Acts 26, Paul gave a clear Gospel presentation to Festus, Agrippa, and the others in the room. But Luke doesn't record any of them turning to Christ. Have you…

Paul’s 5th Defense

September 17, 2023
Once again, Paul stood up to defend himself against his accusers. But this time it was more offense than defense. Clearly, Paul's objective this time is to win souls. In…

Paul Appeals to Caesar

September 3, 2023
After Paul had spent two years in prison ... two years of witnessing to Felix and the others he encountered ... Porcius Festus became governor and inherited Felix's puzzling prisoner.…

Paul Before Felix

August 20, 2023
Once again, we find the Apostle on trial for his life. His offense? None, really. He was falsely accused of taking a gentile into the temple in violation of manmade…

Paul’s Testimony

July 9, 2023
The Apostle Paul sets a wonderful example of sharing our testimony even in adverse conditions. Do you know how to simply share what God has done for you?
The Apostle Paul was willing to follow Jesus, even unto death. How about you and me? And maybe more importantly, will we follow Him in the "small things?"